The Dos Ocho: LaunchPad plus 8 pins

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Known more formally as BOB-G2553-28, this board is a stripped down LaunchPad with 8 more I/O pins for Port 3. This board enhances the LaunchPad experience in the following ways:

  • Cheaper than TI's new price on a full LaunchPad
  • Compatiblity with 20 pin BoosterPacks
  • Silk screen provides a convenient reference to all pin functions
  • Port 3 (P3) pins add 8 GPIO and dedicated timer pins (including 1 more analogWrite for Energia!)
  • Ability to solder male or female headers, according to your needs
Even if you dedicate yourself to only 20 pin MSP430, you will find value in the Dos Ocho. Prototyping with a Dos Ocho adds a powerful debug port to 20 pin development. With our library and a USB bit-banging device (such as our BOB-FT230X), the user can output debug data to a host PC with minimal overhead. When compiling a binary for 20 pin devices, the debug code is neatly omitted from the binary. See more details in the white paper Applications of the 28 pin MSP430. Includes:
  • BOB-G2553-28 PCB
  • SMT soldered MSP430G2553IPW28
  • SMT soldered 0 ohm resistors on P2.6 and P2.7 lines
  • LaunchPad or external device to program the MCU.
  • Male or female headers for the LaunchPad pins
  • 2x5 headers for the P3 pins. Right angle headers recommended.

  • 1.0: C14 was mislabeled as C24

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