SwitchPad: LaunchPad gender changer

Price Quantity

We loved the low price of the LaunchPad, but hate the male headers and TI's recent price increase. Additionally, moving a LaunchPad between breadboard projects is tedious and error prone; nobody wants to plug and unplug wires all the time. The SwitchPad relieves all these pains:

  • Gender changes: Interface between the LaunchPad and your breadboard using NORMAL wires!
  • Remembers your wires: Wiring to the SwitchPad creates a convenient wiring harness for your project. Hooking up Your breadboard project becomes as easy as a BoosterPack.e
  • Saves money: No need to buy multiple LaunchPads for working on multiple projects. Just wire to multiple SwitchPads and easily plug and unplug your LaunchPad among them.
  • Maintains jumper settings: The jumpers go on the SwitchPad. No messing with jumpers when jumping between multiple projects!
We have for sale the SwitchPad DIY kit, which includes:
  • 1 snap apart SwitchPad PCB
  • 1 2x3 stacking female headers
  • 2 2x2 stacking female headers
  • 4 1x10 female headers
The kit is completely through hole and easy to solder; just follow these instructions here.


  • 1.0: Upper set of 5x2 pins are 0.05" too close to the 1x10 row. Workaround: Bend 2x3 and 2x2 pins slightly to compensate for the distance.

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